Powder Colour Coating

Powder Colour Coating

Powder coating wheels is a way of spraying wheels that have been thoroughly cleaned and prepared with paint using dry powder instead of liquid paint. The paint which is negatively charged is sprayed in powder form onto a positively charged wheel. The polarity of the charges ensures that the paint sticks (like when you attach two magnets together). The wheels are then placed into an oven which enables the paint to bond with the alloy wheels. This process is repeated for the prime coat, colour coats and final lacquer coats. The benefits for the consumer are that the process produces a nicer finish that lasts longer than traditional painting methods. There is also an additional benefit of a reduced environmental footprint.

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Having my wheels done with the team at ATM Alloys was the best decision I ever made.
James Brewer

Did a good job with my wheels, would defo use them again.
Andres Carter